Our Mission

To educate my clients and the community in becoming better versions of themselves by using exercise, nutrition and recovery as a ​health and wellness tool

Traci Rivera

Licensed Sports & Medical Massage Therapist

Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist  

In the health and fitness industry for 20+ years. I have worked in many gyms across Marion County as well as owned a personal training and group exercise studio. Along with my education in many areas of fitness, nutrition, massage therapy... I have personal experience with the struggles in all of theses areas. Being a woman, getting older and with some injuries that I deal with daily. I have pushed through the obstacles with proper nutrition, exercise and recovery. Let me help you on your healthy journey.


National Academy of Sports Medicine: 

Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Group Personal Trainer, Behavior Change Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Virtual Online Personal Trainer

Florida School of Massage: 

Swedish, Neuromuscular, Connective Tissue, Polarity, Reflexology, Hyrdrotherapy, Sports & Advanced Sports

LMT Success Group:

Master Medical Massage Practitioner & Lymphatic Drainage

Rock Tape:

FMT Basic/Advanced, Blades/Advanced, RockPods, RockFloss, Movement and Mobility Specialist